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Davis Family

From it's beginning on 8 acres of rich, fertile land over 50 years ago the world famous Davis Apple Orchards has grown to acres and acres and is well known for a variety of outstanding apples that we ship fresh to all fifty states and overseas.

For three generations the Davis family has refined growing, processing and storage methods and developed new ways of planting and creating a special variety of apples that are simply the most delicious you will find anywhere. Each and every apple that makes it to the marketplace has been closely inspected and conforms to rigid Davis Orchards standards for taste, freshness and appearance.

Over the years the consistent sweetness and freshness of our premium apples impressed our local and regional customers so much that we created our special Gift Boxes back in the 1970s. Our beautiful gift boxes are carefully packed and shipped to apple lovers everywhere beginning in early September of every year.

Three generations and over 50 years of dedication to growing and harvesting the finest apples worldwide means you are absolutely guaranteed of supreme quality in every apple we grow. Apples We are apple lovers and once you taste your first highly polished, premium Davis Apple you too will be an apple lover for life!

Our commitment is to quality and to give you the same taste we enjoy when we pick and apple right off the tree. We are only a phone call, fax, or email away.

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What's New

We will begin shipping our new crop on September 15th with Gala, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, and Golden Delicious. Call for availability.

Corporate Buyers

Please contact an Apple Lovers representative to find out more about our special offerings for Corporate Gifts!

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